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How To Avoid Going To The Dry Cleaners

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Dry cleaning is a wonderful thing How beautiful it is to outsource to someone else looking after your favorite clothes! Dry cleaning is also very frustrating: it is expensive, toxic and worst of all, if you need the cleaners they are not open anyway.

The fact is that only clean clothes that are dry are not often clean. By learning more about fabric and laundry fundamentals, you can cut your dry cleaner completely.

Most clothes can be restored at home. The truth is that dry cleaning is not really dry. Drying clothes, not only in water, but also cleaning and degreasing solvents that have been used for decades with perchlorethylene.

They rotate through large washing machines just like you use at home. Not even a single technology or product will take care of every stain – you can clean most of them at your own convenience without much effort or expense. From your laundry room.

What fabric can be washed?

You can self clean a lot of your clothes than you thought. Reading the clothing maintenance label – not only for the cleaning method, but also for the fabric content – is an important factor in determining whether you can wash an item at home.

Real reason about "dry-clean only"

Clothing manufacturers is obligated to recommend at least one cleaning method on their product handling labels. When a tag reads “Dry-clean only”, it does not mean that the item can’t be washed by hands, especially if it is made of natural fibers.

Forget the delicate wordings on your favorite clothing care tag All you want to see on the label is the fabric content. Once you understand it, you can make informed decisions.

Ironing & clothes steamers

Ironing is definitely a job that some people like, but most people find it very tiresome. Sometimes ironing is a must! But most of the time, you do not have to hesitate to change from steaming your clothes to sometimes ironing – even if it is great to know that steaming is much easier than ironing.

The handheld and standing model steamers are excellent. Whatever style you decide upon, your clothing can be further enhanced by the type of steamer you are using. Give your garments a burst of steam when it is necessary.

Give the clothes a little air

At the end of the day, you need a break from your clothes. When you get home, hang your fair in a well-ventilated area for an hour or two to remove sweat, odor and smoke absorbed by the fabric and put on some more comfortable clothing. This will keep your neat clothes much more pleasant the next time wearing.


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